Stuffed Pierogi Co. pierogi are made from scratch in Erie, Pennsylvania. Each batch is made to order with an approximate 14 business day lead time. We provide delivery of our frozen pierogi to your home or business contact free

 within a 15-mile radius of 16505. Stuffed is offering a new and different type of food product for the Erie community, using creativity with our options and accessibility of our product. We would like to partner with other small businesses, support local entrepreneurs, and get to know and help our community as much as we can.

Tim Mooney is the owner, operator and pierogi maker at Stuffed Pierogi Co. He started working at a local pizza shop in Pittsburgh, PA called Mineo's Pizza House at the age of 15. It is one of the oldest and busiest in the city, which enabled him to learn a lot at a young age about the food service industry. Soon after starting, Tim knew within a few months of working there that someday he would run his own restaurant. Tim went to Edinboro University, focusing on small business management to help when it was time to open his own food service business. Although his career trajectory took other directions for some years, Tim has always been involved with the food service industry in some form, also carrying a passion for food and cooking at home while also learning and growing as a self taught cook as much as he could


Stuffed Pierogi Co. came about as a result of Tim missing homemade pierogi he grew up eating in Pittsburgh, and being tired of eating Mrs. T's all the time. About five years ago, Tim had a lot of leftover pulled pork and wanted to do something different with it. Then it came to him, why not fill a pierogi with it? He had never made homemade pierogi before, but was excellent at making fresh homemade dough, so he gave it a shot. To say it turned out great is an understatement. He topped it with BBQ sauce and coleslaw like you would a sandwich. From that point on Tim was hooked on making these homemade pierogi for friends and family. Whether he knew it or not, Stuffed Pierogi Co. was born.